The Lean Muscle Handbook was the result of countless emails and questions I received asking, 'is it possible to build muscle and not gain fat?' A.k.a. lean gains. In answering the question, I wrote my face off and ended up with an almost 50 page book looking at this exact thing. 
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Here's what you're going to learn:
• How to transition from a cut to a gaining phase to create the most conducive hormonal environment for muscle building.
• Is it actually possible to build muscle while not gaining fat?
• How to set up your muscle building diet
• When and how to make adjustments to keep progress happening. 
• How to fit in cardio during muscle building phases and the benefits
• How much muscle can you actually build?
• How to stay lean for life: the mindset, nutrition and training strategies I use with clients to help them stay lean for life. 
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